Wall of Love

"Working with Greg has allowed me to drive through the procrastination and self-doubt that has plagued me and my dreams for some time. Wanting to make a change and actually making a change are very different things. Even when you know what needs to be done, leaning on the help and guidance of others can be so impactful. Guidance and discussion have ripped open the barriers to me living my purpose driven life. Most of us understand that in order to make progress you must take action, but understanding what actions and direction to take can be overwhelming. Greg uses his expertise in breaking down mental blocks, bad habits, and self doubt to drive his clients towards their goals. Save the time and invest in faster, more meaningful change with Greg now."
Senior Project Manager
"Taking the leap and reaching out to Greg is one of the best decisions I made this year. Through our sessions, activities, and conversations I have developed tools, skills, and insights which are having a positive impact on my life. Without a doubt, our work together is helping me move in the right direction to achieve my dreams. My sessions with Greg have led to breakthroughs and “Aha!” moments that have inspired me to take purposeful action in both a personal and professional setting. The results are sometimes hard to believe! As my relationship with Greg has continued to grow, I have found that he leads from a place of love. Greg truly listens, pays attention, and will hold you accountable to the things you say you want and the commitments you make. If you want to do the work and invest in yourself then working with Greg is something you won’t regret for a second."
Professional Officer at World Food Program
"Gregory is an absolute genius in helping you find clarity towards your life purpose and goals. Through our work together I was able to come out of our meetings with a renewed vigor and fresh clarity towards what I truly desired in my life. After our work together I truly find myself inspired and invigorated to pursue my scariest and most ambitious goals."
Professional Triathlete & Running Coach
"I have been working with Gregory for two rounds of sessions and just signed up for my third. He is well worth the money and time. At first, I was hesitant because of our age and gender differences. I am a 73-year-old woman who is dealing with all the things that go with aging, most specifically, the mental decline of my 80-year-old husband. I really don't know what I would have done without our sessions. I have many good friends and relatives who would be willing to help me, but I needed more than they could offer both time and expertise-wise. I also didn't want our time together to become an emotional burden to them. With Gregory, I have found a solution I would not have thought of, had not a close friend of mine, intervened. She had been coached by Gregory and felt he could help me navigate this part of my life. She was so right!! He is helping me to find not only peace but also happiness in this chapter of my life. Age and gender have not hindered the success of our sessions. I highly recommend him as a life coach."
Retired Business Owner
“As a recent college graduate newly entering the workforce, working with Gregory has been extremely beneficial as far as setting realistic goals and actually following through with them. Gregory has helped me create a systemized approach to scheduling action items that help me reach my goals, whatever they might be (financial, physical, work-related, etc.). But I think the greatest value I get out of working with Gregory is a professional accountability partner – something I’ve found is well worth the investment at this stage in my life.”
Sales Development Representative
"I was fortunate to have worked with Gregory as my leadership coach. He was professional, engaging, and supportive during our sessions. I highly recommend Gregory for any coaching capacity! He is a great listener and helped me to grow as a leader within my organization."
Associate Director at Takeda
"My work with Gregory will have a significant impact on my entire life. I can't believe I've never done something like that before."
"I had the pleasure of having Gregory as a coach during a time I needed it most. Selecting him was one of the best decisions I could have made. His ability to understand my challenges and help me think of approaches to each that are thoughtful, aligned to my internal compass and practical is tremendously helpful. You may expect anyone who is a coach to be positive and repeat all the things you already know but may not follow. However, Greg is not ordinary in the approaches he recommends. I often leave a session thinking about how different of a thought he offered and it is refreshing and inspiring each time. What I appreciate most is how he is able to tie my whole self to our discussions knowing that who I am at home and at work is one in the same and equally important. So I leave each session having new tools that serve me as a mom, a leader, a wife and more. He is encouraging, mindful, unique and overall an excellent coach. I am so grateful for Greg!"
Director at DoorDash
"My work with Gregory will have a significant impact on my entire life. I can't believe I've never done something like that before."
Professional Photographer
“Saying yes to my intuition to work with Gregory has paid off in leaps and bounds. Never having had a coaching experience before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but something within me was deeply curious about the process. What I was sure of before starting my coaching journey was that Gregory seemed to be an authentic, ambitious, kind and thoughtful person. After having worked with him in recent months, I can attest to all of those qualities being exceptionally true to his character. He has consistently shown up to our sessions with curiosity and a willingness to dig deep in helping me achieve the goals I set out for myself. If your intuition is pointing you toward working with Gregory, do yourself a favor and follow that curiosity!”
Graphic Designer
“Before beginning coaching sessions with Gregory, I had questions about getting a coach in general. After working with Gregory, the benefits of having a coach were made crystal clear. Gregory has an innate capability to understand problems, break down the real issues, and lead you as an individual to explore the solutions. Working with Gregory was a great decision and the value I received is far greater than the investment put into it. Even though Gregory didn’t know all the ends and outs of my field of work and my passions, it did not change the valuable advice and mindset shifts that come from working with Gregory.”
Entrepreneur & Project Engineer
"Gregory is an absolute genius in helping you find clarity towards your life purpose and goals. Through our work together I was able to come out of our meetings with a renewed vigor and fresh clarity towards what I truly desired in my life. After our work together I truly find myself inspired and invigorated to pursue my scariest and most ambitious goals."
Physical Trainer & Certified Wim Hof Instructor
"Working with Gregory was not easy--and it was more than worth it. Gregory pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I truly never imagined myself doing. This allowed me to break through limitations that I put on myself without even realizing it. If you're actually wanting to make a big change, don't hesitate and sign up now."
Founder & Executive Coach
"Working with Gregory got me on the path to living my life to the fullest and creating the existence that I want. It has been a wonderful experience becoming more and more willing to put myself out there, be vulnerable, and enjoy the results, which for me has largely been human connection. This experience was exciting, eye-opening, and down-right fun, I can’t thank Gregory enough for being an excellent coach and co-creator! I highly recommend working with Gregory to anyone looking to get out of a rut, make changes they’ve been scared of, or create more fulfilling human connection."
Clinical Specialist
"Coaching with Gregory was a one-of-a-kind experience! From start to finish, he was there every step of the way encouraging me every day. He's a very personable and kind soul who asks thought-provoking questions. If you're looking for someone to motivate you to be BOLD, Gregory is your man."
Professional Coach
“Working with Gregory has brought clarity and self-awareness to some issues that had been hard to overcome myself. With an easy-to-talk to approach and an inherent ability to help you answer your own question, I’d recommend his services to anyone looking for personal or professional growth.”
Team Lead/Project Manager
“My coaching sessions with Gregory were connected and right on target with what I needed not what I thought I wanted. From our sessions I gained clarity on what I truly wanted to experience and my relationship with my self improved. He led me to look deep within at what truly mattered and this created stronger more meaningful connections with my wife, daughter and boys. Grateful!!”
Physical Trainer & Certified Wim Hof Instructor
“I truly enjoyed my coaching experience with Gregory. I didn’t have any experience with coaching and didn’t know what to expect, but he initiated the co-creation of a space where I could lead and define what I wanted out of it. As a Black woman, I was curious to see what the dynamic within our coaching relationship would be as that plays a large part in my professional and academic life. Gregory was really open with what he didn’t know and was very willing to learn. He’s a great listener and more importantly, graciously pivots when adjustments are needed.”
Academic Librarian & PHD Student