Paper & Ink

Paper & Ink

The Unwritten Circle of Life

October 26, 2020

The candle next to me wavers as if it’s unsure if it should continue. A battle rages between crisp, white paper and the dark, black ink that is slowly gaining ground.

Two opposing forces. One, longing for peace and quiet; the other, striving for total domination. Blank space shrinks as ink decimates line after line, marring a previously untouched canvas. Letter after letter marches forward, blindly charging onto the page, like men going over the wall during WWI.

A bloody massacre is unfolding before my eyes. But then I remember:

Perspective is everything.

Suddenly, the scene transforms before my eyes. I now see the players in a different light.

Two passionate lovers, entwined in a dance as old as time. The paper gently embraces each new letter as blue ink strokes across the page. I see a match made in heaven, a symbiotic relationship between ink and paper.

As a key fits into a lock, one sentence after another is perfectly fitted onto the sheet. Paragraphs are formed as the ink and paper beautifully work together to form something whole. Something that wasn’t there a moment ago.

I smile as I see new life on the page in front of me.


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